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Juvenile law can be divided into two separate areas: Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Dependency. Juvenile Delinquency law, as its name implies, deals with minors who are charged with conduct which, if they were adults, would constitute crimes. Juvenile Delinquency Law also deals with situations in which minors are charged with alcohol or marijuana related offenses including Minor In Possession (of alcohol). This is a specialized area of law distinct from the adult criminal justice system and requires attorneys who are sufficiently experienced in the field to to be able to achieve the best results for their clients. Juvenile Dependency law deals with ensuring that minors are placed in a living situation that protects the child's best interests. Occasionally families may find themselves in very difficult circumstances that may make it difficult for a parent or guardian to provide adequate care for the child. Other times, a youth may go through a difficult stage or begin acting out and the family unit finds that they are unable to correct the child's behavior and/or are unable to bring family life back to balance. In such cases, it is the court's role to intervene on behalf of the youth to make sure that the child's safety and overall well-being are protected and to take whatever legal steps are necessary to make sure that happens. Our attorneys routinely represent both children as well as parents who are involved in the Juvenile Courts.

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