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Civil Litigation

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Signing a Contract

Civil litigation refers to disputes in which lawsuits have been filed in the state or federal courts. It could also refer to disputes which are presented to arbitrators, mediators, or other tribunals handling alternative dispute resolution. A civil litigator prepares various documents, often called court pleadings, for the trial work such as complaints, summonses, answers, replies, counterclaims, cross claims, motions, orders, affidavits, memoranda in support or opposition to a motion, trial memoranda, jury instructions, judgments, and decrees to name a few. Lawyers also engage in discovery prior to a trial. Discovery refers to the process of obtaining evidence which the opposing parties must provide to lawyers. Discovery could include things such as depositions (taking pretrial testimony) of parties and witnesses, and it could also include written requests such as requests for production of documents, interrogatories, and admissions. Civil lawsuits often seek compensation from parties for damages, but could also include other remedies such declaratory judgments, cease and desist orders, or other orders enforcing a right which a party has under Oregon law. The basis of a civil law case is some other area of law, such as contracts, business, family law, real estate, or personal injury. Because of this, civil lawyers are often experienced not only in civil procedure of the state and federal courts but will also have a specialty in one or more other areas of law. As an example, a personal injury dispute would be handled by an attorney with civil litigation experience as well as expertise in personal injury cases and insurance law. At Brindle McCormack, P.C., we have attorneys with civil litigation experience who can handle civil lawsuits arising from various areas of law. Our lawyers also work collaboratively with each other to ensure that each stage of your case is handled in the most efficient manner possible.

Brindle McCormack & Williams, P.C. handles civil litigation in the following areas :

Personal Injury / Auto Accidents

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