BRINDLE MCCASLIN, P.C. is organized to provide a wide range of legal services for its clients in Oregon.

The law firm of Brindle McCaslin, P.C.
has developed a solid reputation for diligent & successful representation of its clientele. 

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Brindle McCaslin, P.C. has been serving Portland and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. Originally established in 1986, our lawyers specialize in a variety of legal areas including : Business, Criminal, Immigration, Family Law, Juvenile, Probate, and Real Estate. Most legal matters typically require specialized knowledge in a variety of matters. For example, business law and bankruptcy law often overlap into other matters such as divorce proceedings or probate. Or, as another example, immigration matters can require a strong knowledge of other areas of law such as employment law or criminal law. At Brindle McCaslin, P.C., you can be confident that our diverse team of experienced lawyers work together to make sure that every aspect of your legal proceeding is handled in the most efficient manner possible. Some of our lawyers are also fluent in Spanish, & Korean.


Our firm focuses on developing solutions for its clients based on their specific needs and we are an AV rated firms, which shows our attorneys have reached the height of professional excellence.